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Former congressional candidate Jon Ossoff said he will challenge Republican U. David Perdue of Georgia. The Intercept has revealed that a Koch owned data mining company has been helping GOP candidates win elections by flooding voters with anti-immigrant online messages. Join us at noon ET. Leonard's latest work has received high praise from leading journalists like Jane Mayer and Bryan Burrough because of its exhaustive research into the Koch's incredible private business network that exists across all planes of American life.

Leonard explains how the Koch's business portfolio and its commodity research put the family business in the middle of all American life, from the things we buy to the government that legislates our society. Sam and Leonard explore the contradictions at the heart of the Koch family's libertarian philosophies, where the Kochs are the entrenched status-quo benefiting from government environmental policies and government subsidies which allow their oil refineries to thrive. Another foundational element of the Koch Brothers success is its status as a private company.

Charles Koch never needed to answer to shareholders and could reinvest profits into the company, buy competitors, and enter new industries essential to American consumers. Sam and Leonard conclude their discussion examining the anti-union practices designed by Koch Industries and how those methods have increased worker productivity and reduced real wages over the past three decades. Looking towards the post-Charles Koch Industries, Leonard believes the future is still uncertain. While Charles' son Chase seems groomed for the next generation of Koch leadership, Leonard also thinks Charles' thinking has been embedded in the company's culture and will live on well after the longtime CEO's death.

And in the Fun Half: CBP and USCIS test a border shutdown scenario with Bahaman refugees, Mike Pompeo threatens Taliban with war, Ben Shapiro says we can't make policy because of personal or moral failings, the case for reparations in , the latest polls and reading the tea leaves of Biden's campaign, the popularity of the Green New Deal, what the next recession might look like, Pam Anderson explains her support for Julian Assange on The View, Elizabeth Warren pivots away from questions about her foreign policy and military budget votes, Mark Sanford thinks conservatives will vote for him in a GOP primary because of the deficit, a gun goes off outside an Alabama HS football game and we're freer than ever, plus your calls and IMs!

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The US Air Force admits their crews have been staying a Trump's struggling Scottish resort a lot more since he became president. Meanwhile, Corey Lewandowski is set to become the first Trump associate to have a public hearing with House Judiciary Committee. And lastly, Hong Kong warns the United States Congress to stay out of their affairs after thousands of demonstrators march on the U. Consulate on Sunday to appeal for support from Washington.

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Former South Carolina Gov. He faces long odds in a fractured Republican Party. Reuters is reporting that nearly a week after Hurricane Dorian made landfall, some 70, people are in need of food and shelter. And lastly, a Texas man was arrested in New York City on Saturday after he attacked the famous Wall Street bull with homemade banjo while screaming 'Fuck Donald Trump,' leaving a hole in its horn. Who distinguished themselves, who looked foolish, and why did audience members have better questions than Wolf Blitzer?

Bernie explains his labor bona fides and his commitment to a just transition. Warren says she doesn't want to nationalize energy utilities. Film Guy Matthew langdonboom joins us for some film talk. Kevin Sorbo antifa movie "Reliant": amazing, or the most amazing? Check out Matthew's work at Vimeo and more of his film picks at Letterboxd! Flashback: Bill Burton risks the imagination of a new kind of possibility. Dave Rubin explains new show member terms of service. Ben Shapiro says left is implementing "top down policy," setting "dangerous precedent" with boycott of Walmart.

Fox and Friends asks cops if they've been assaulted, nobody raises hands.

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The New Yorker! I think he means Trump. And lastly, protesters swarm an Amazon office near Boston over its contracts with Immigration and Customs Enforcement. NBC News reports the death toll in the Bahamas has risen to 30 and is expected to rise dramatically in the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian, which pummeled the islands with sustained mph winds for over a day and a half. Brooks and Burtenshaw review recent parliamentary history in the UK which has allowed for "zombie governments" to continue ruling while they do not have the votes necessary to administrate change.

Brooks recounts Boris Johnson's political rise in the UK and how it compares and contrasts with Trump's "populism" in the United States. However, it has been a rather disastrous strategy for Johnson, where opponents like Corbyn have made Johnson look politically lost. Johnson now looks to switch gears, moving to the campaign trail, where he is heading to Wakefield, a Northern England working-class town, flanked by police to call for more "law and order" across the UK.

Brooks and Burtenshaw also take a look at Dominic Cummings, Johnson's chief political advisor who was most recently the director of the Vote Leave movement which brought us to Brexit. Burtenshaw says Cummings understands that the most popular policies are left redistributive economics and right-wing nationalist sentiments.

Cummings knows that the "moderate" positions in Parliament do not represent the interests of voters. Burtenshaw acknowledges that the new concern for the left in the UK is the realignment of class interests. Burtenshaw feels there are two paths to defeat Johnson. One is coalescing around the liberal center, pulling the labor party to the right with a broad alliance that is upholding "sensible policy.

Instead, Burtenshaw argues the Labor party should point out the Tory party's leaders and their interest in the financial sector, real estate, and the private school systems. The Tories will have to respond to this and forced to defend these deeply unpopular interests. Brooks and Burtenshaw conclude their discussion with policy proposals that Labor and the left can embrace and run on during the upcoming elections. And in the Fun Half: an update on the situation in Kashmir, Bernie on reproductive rights and climate catastrophe, Dave Rubin's Hitler apologia, Seb Gorka is hawking fish oil pills, Kamala Harris frames the climate crisis in the worst way possible, Warren makes clear personal consumption choices are not systemic reform, Bernie explains how a climate reform can curb military spending, Biden is off to a fossil fuel executive's fundraiser less than 24 hours after the Climate Town Hall, the "ethics" of "voting" "conversation," the UN Human Rights Council says the US, UK, and France are responsible for great human rights violations, plus your calls and IMs!

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Meanwhile, the Pentagon decides to take money budgeted for schools and daycare to pay for Trump's dumb fence-wall-thing. And lastly, Republican congressman Steve King claims he drank from a toilet in a migrant detention center. His review?

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House Democratic Caucus chairman Hakeem Jeffries announced Wednesday that he is cosponsoring Medicare for All" legislation— a smart move considering Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is actively seeking to recruit a left-wing challenger to replace Jeffries in From Politico; the House Judiciary Committee has subpoenaed the Department of Homeland Security for documents connected to Donald Trump's alleged offer to pardon officials who break the law while carrying out his immigration agenda.

And the Daily Beast is reporting that Jacob Wohl, the serially incompetent right wing grifter known for his spectacular blunders, is wanted on a felony arrest warrant in California for the unlawful sale of securities. Sam and Greenhouse begin their conversation distinguishing the differences between labor and union power and a brief history of how labor gained strength during the FDR New Deal era.

Union strength peaked in the s and helped build the American middle class as we recognize it today. Greenhouse argues that the contemporary worker has the least power he or she has had since before the National Labor Relations Rights Act, which manifests itself in workers lacking paid sick leave and mandatory time off. Likewise, the decline in union membership helped provide the slim margin of victory for Trump.

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Given the assault on labor power over the last several decades, how can worker power reassert itself in the political landscape and rebuild strength? Greenhouse says the Democratic primary has shown a necessary change in the political discourse with candidates like Sanders centering policy proposals on union expansion. Sam and Greenhouse also consider policies like card check to make union organizing simpler. Sam and Greenhouse conclude their conversation discussing the extinction of labor reporting in American journalism.

Stephen Merchant

And in the Fun Half: mass shooter designed schools are under construction, the right is saying don't challenge the lawful gun owners, or they'll kill, Meghan McCain is so tired of liberals "virtue signaling" about mass shootings and not wanting to be killed, some Sam career advice, building coalitions across the left spectrum of politics, the best clips from PMQ at the yesterday's House of Commons session in the UK, Mike Pence is in Ireland and loving his stay at a Trump resort , Hasan Minhaj surprises PM Trudeau with criticism of Canada's arm sales to Saudi Arabia, Ben Shapiro minimizes Trump's insane idea to nuke hurricanes, plus your calls and IMs!

And lastly, a nice win for Democracy as a court gives state officials in North Carolina two weeks to redraw the GOP's gerrymandered district map. British lawmakers on Tuesday rose up against Prime Minister Boris Johnson, moving to prevent him from taking the country out of the European Union without a formal agreement. House of Representatives on Thursday. Although the treaty that created this nonvoting position is almost years old, it had never been filled.

Not Too Deep with Grace Helbig

The AP reports that Walmart will discontinue the sale of handgun ammunition and also publicly request that customers refrain from openly carrying firearms in stores even where state laws allow it. We're back from our August break! And we got a heaping pile of news for you, our dear listeners!

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On today's program, Sam and crew tackle the biggest stories from the last week including what the hell is going on in the United Kingdom, Joe Biden's fluid understanding of "truth" and "character," and the most recent developments in the Democratic field. Sam breaks down Bernie's new medical debt forgiveness proposal and what else it will do to alleviate people's bankruptcy problems.

The crew also checks in with the Washington Post fact-checkers and their campaign to discredit the Bernie Sanders campaign. Sam closes out the free half with a tale from the deep archive about the time he interviewed Sean Hannity and asked the Fox host about the End Times. And in the Fun Half: John from San Antonio endorses Brendan's MR deep archive selections, Donald Trump has a "great message" for Poland on the 80th anniversary of the Nazi invasion, the president shares his knowledge of FARC, the press can't drive a wedge between Warren and Sanders, Tulsi Gabbard is still in the presidential race, deciding who qualifies and who does not, avoiding the "rigged" storyline of , what to do when you work for a small business a-holes, systemic racism in Michigan rears its ugly head, Ben Shapiro's guest says trans people are a threat to the family unit, reporters own the Boston straight pride organizers at their shitty press conference, Andrew Yang will keep printing a blank check for Israel, the difference between what happens when people stay home and when people vote third party, plus your calls and IMs!

Allies of Donald Trump are raising millions of dollars to target and harass editors and reporters working for major news outlets. Meanwhile, the DNC tells Iowa and Nevada to scrap their plans to hold virtual caucus citing security concerns. Hurricane Dorian has been downgraded to a Category 3 storm after stalling over the Bahamas, where officials say it is responsible for the deaths of at least five people.

The Washington Post reports that House Democrats plan to make Trump's alleged involvement in a scheme to silence two women who claimed they had affairs with him a major investigative focus this fall. The Trump administration announced that it would reconsider its decision to force immigrants facing life-threatening health crises to return to their home countries, an abrupt move last month that generated public outrage and was roundly condemned by the medical establishment.

The AP reports that tens of thousands of students in Hong Kong boycotted the first day of classes Monday as part of a citywide strike following another weekend of demonstrations. Full live show returns tomorrow! Caleb Cain faradayspeaks is a self-described "gamer who fell down the alt-right rabbit hole" before eventually making his way back to the left. He joins Sam to discuss the YouTube personalities who drove his radicalization as a young college dropout, what helped bring him back, and his current project of de-radicalizing white nationalists and far-right ideologues.

And lastly, Trump says the U. The final lineup for the third Democratic debate is set for a single night in Houston in two weeks on Sept. Politico reports that the Democratic National Committee will recommend rejecting a plan for virtual caucuses in Iowa and Nevada, introducing a level of uncertainty in the caucus states ahead of the upcoming election season.