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  1. Your Trolley Tour & Midway Aircraft Carrier Museum Includes:
  2. Kids Go Free to USS Midway Museum - The Official Travel Resource for the San Diego Region
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Please contact the Volunteer Department at with questions regarding volunteer status. To redeem, contact the Membership Department at membership midway. Discount not available online. Navy vessel. To redeem, email midwaysailor midway. Offer not available online.

We are excited to offer former Coral Sea crew members 4 extra guest passes for free with the purchase of any Midway Membership. To redeem, email membership midway.

You must notify the Membership Department that you are a Coral Sea veteran upon purchase of your membership. Current Midway Members are encouraged to spread the word about how amazing it is to be a part of this Membership family! Theme Park. Park Price. Our Price. You Save.

Your Trolley Tour & Midway Aircraft Carrier Museum Includes:

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Load More Pay a visit to the carrier's living quarters and get to know the living conditions of navy officers aboard the ship. On the top of the ship are landed fighter jets and helicopters of various sizes. Visitors may also board a trainer jet to experience what it feels like to maneuver a warplane.

The whole museum is quite large. It takes three to four hours to really have a good tour.

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For parking, we parked directly in the parking lot next to the carrier, USD10 within 12 hours. After getting off the bus, I went to the queue and found that if I had bought the tickets well in advance, I would not have to queue for more people who needed to buy the tickets. So we quickly use mobile phones to buy good tickets on the Internet. When checking tickets, we use mobile phones to scan the code and pass smoothly, which saves a lot of queuing time.

You can get a free voice guide and choose Chinese. Only by personal close contact with aircraft carriers can we know the enormity and power of aircraft carriers! Only by touching the rusty hulls of aircraft carriers and fighters can we feel the horror of war!

Kids Go Free to USS Midway Museum - The Official Travel Resource for the San Diego Region

The aircraft carrier Midway Island is very well preserved. There are veterans volunteering to tell tourists what happened that year. In the naval vessel's atrium, you can get a free interpreter in Chinese.

USS Midway Aircraft Museum Video Tour - San Diego, California

It's recommended that you take a day to slowly visit the full to learn about that period of history. San Diego recommends going to scenic spots - you can visit the inside and outside of the whole aircraft carrier, and the Chinese reader is absolutely worth more! It's better to buy e-tickets online in advance and show the electronic two-dimensional code on the mobile phone. It's expensive to buy tickets on the spot and it's only 10 days before tickets begin to sell! Carrier is one of the few scenic spots that must be visited to San Diego, especially the Chinese people with national defense plots.

It is envious to see that other people built such a complex big fellow decades ago. Parking: We rented a car and drove by ourselves. We could drive directly to the parking lot beside the carrier.

discount tickets to USS Midway? - San Diego Forum

There was a charge for the card at the entrance. Otherwise, the parking lot with a Navy kiss on the right side of the front meters is also a meter, which can be coined or swiped. Payments are paid by the hour first and then countdown, as if it were two knives per hour. Tickets: 20 dollars a person, absolute value, really inexpensive, especially compared to domestic tourist attractions: after entering the spiral ladder, there will be a photo link, will give you a number, the last time you leave, you can go to the service desk to collect photos, 10 dollars a piece, for those who like to commemorate this visit can buy, otherwise it is not meaningful, a picture 10 dollars is too expensive.

You can pick up the voice commentator at the service desk first, and play it in Chinese. When you look at the number at any place, you can enter the number and the commentator will play automatically. Sightseeing suggestions: Follow the guide board, the internal hangar, and then the sailor dormitory One cabin after another can be visited for a long time, restaurants, medical rooms, laundries and so on.

It is really admirable for such a complex design. It is really the embodiment of superpower national strength. Then get on the plane splint, some of the older planes take photos, many of them can sit directly in close range to see; finally go on the command tower, limit the number of people to enter in batches, there are old retired Navy to explain, see there is nothing very special inside. Finally, you can see the surrounding seascapes on the aircraft carrier splint, the Colorado Bridge, two other aircraft carriers on the other side, and the famous sculpture of the sailor's kiss on the left.

The blue sky and white clouds are beautiful. Just as we met the Chinese Navy medical ship, we stopped at a berth of more than meters.

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